Anaphylactic Emergency?

Alert nearby people who have stepped up to share their epi in case of a severe allergic reaction.

AllergyHero Features

Get and receive lifesaving help when it is needed most.

Send and Receive

Send and receive alerts from nearby AllergyHero users.


Once an alert is sent, all people involved in the emergency can view each other’s location. Locations are only shared with people directly involved.


Message and call users who are involved in the emergency.


Receive reminders whenever you leave home so you never forget to carry your epi.


  • Availability
    You can check the number of responders in your area. Within the app. While we build the AllergyHero community you can also use the geo-location reminder features to make sure not forget to leave your home, office, or school without your epi.
  • Legal Liability
    Most states offer protections for good samaritans to help each other. You can view the law in your state here and for the most up to date information please refer to your state's good Samaritan laws

Our Story

Hi my name is James Sweet and I'm the founder of AllergyHero. I was impassioned to make AllergyHero by a close friend who is highly allergic to garlic, and almost always forgets to carry his epinephrine auto injector with him. In a number of circumstances sheer luck has kept him from moments of life threatening danger.

After doing some research, I found that there are over 200,000 emergency visits a year due to food induced anaphylaxis. According to a 2012 survey, up to two thirds of anaphylaxis patients don’t carry their recommended epinephrine auto injector with them. To me, these numbers were screaming out for a new solution and specifically one in the form of a resource that could be available to anyone.

Supporting Organizations

AllergyHero Partners and Affiliates

Allergy Support Groups

We are establishing partnerships with allergy support groups throughout the country by letting them create private responder groups for their members.

Fire Departments

We are collaborating with Fire Departments and emergency services providers.

MedStar Health

We are receiving healthcare and product services as part of MedStar Health's Innovation Lab.


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